Larimer County Workforce Center (LCWC) Business Services:  The Workforce Center’s Business Services Team (BST) offers hiring and training services to employers throughout Larimer County. This form of support can be an important component in creating a favorable climate for businesses of all sizes and types.

Their Mission:

To improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities through employment and workforce development services.

What are some of the Key Features of the Workforce Center?

  • Universality: Everyone shall have access to the Workforce Center.
  • Customer Choice: You have a choice of service.
  • Outcomes: The Workforce Center will be held accountable based on your feedback.
  • Service Integration: The Workforce Center has developed partnerships with various local community organizations in order to provide an array of employment and training services.

business Services

  •  Funded Internships: At no charge to employers, the internship program allows businesses to “test drive” a skilled candidate to see if the person is the best fit. LCWC fully funds wages and compensation during the internship period.


  • Candidate Skills Assessments: At no charge, LCWC provides access to dozens of skills assessments that allow employers to verify the skills claimed by job candidates.


  • Hiring Events: At no charge to employers, LCWC provides meeting space and marketing support for 1-to-1 candidate interviewing for specific jobs.


  •  Job Fairs: LCWC hosts major events that attract job candidates and employers throughout Larimer County. A Job Fair is held in Estes Park at least once annually.

  • Labor Market Information: At no charge, LCWC offers a variety of options for accessing economic, workforce, and labor market data to assist you with business and hiring decisions. Data covers competitive wages, industry trends, and demographic and population characteristics.

  • On-the-Job Training: LCWC provides wage reimbursement up to 50% for new hires while they are being trained, with ongoing LCWC staff support during the hiring and reimbursement period.



  1. Communication and Employee Engagement: Teaching and brainstorming best practices in productivity and team motivation. How to maximize employee satisfaction and productively lead today’s dynamic multi-generational workforce.
  2. Workforce Management: A focus on the basic HR “blocking and tackling.” Conducting meaningful performance reviews, navigating workplace conflict and refining effective recruitment strategies.
  3.  Leadership Development: Personal professional growth opportunities for Larimer County’s leaders and leaders-to-be.