All Estes Park business licenses can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted links.

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for issuing business licenses within Town limits and you can find their website page here. You can also access the individual business licenses by clicking the hyperlinks below.

A General Business license is required for a business, profession or occupation that consists of the selling of goods, wares, merchandise or providing a professional service (outside the home). This category also applies to any non-resident business, profession, occupation, or professional service. (A non-resident business is defined as a business whose business premises is located outside the corporate limits of the Town.) Cost: $134 per calendar year.

A Building Contractor business license is required for a business, profession or occupation whose primary business is in the physical construction of structures and their appurtenances. Cost: $134 per calendar year.

An Accommodations business license or Vacation Home Business License is required for the leasing, rental or furnishing of any room, mobile home site, recreational vehicle site, camp site or other area in any hotel, motel, guest house, bed and breakfast, apartment, dormitory, mobile home park, recreational vehicle park or campground, any single-family dwelling, duplex, multiple-family dwelling or any such similar place to any person who, for a consideration, uses, possesses or has the right to use or possess such dwelling, room, single-family dwelling, duplex unit, multiple-family unit, site or other accommodation for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days.

Accommodations License Cost: $100 - $250 - varies with the number of accommodation units.

Vacation Home License: $200 base fee + $50 per bedroom

A Home business license is required for a business, profession or occupation conducted by the resident within or from a dwelling (inside the Estes Valley) as an accessory use to the residential use of the dwelling, excluding a building contractor or an accommodation business.

NOTE: The Home license category does not apply to non-resident home-based businesses.

Cost: $67 per calendar year.

A County Vacation Home Permit is required for any accommodation unit as described above that is located outside of the Town limits of Estes Park, but within the jurisdiction of the Estes Valley Development Code.

Cost: None.